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Scared To Debt:  Documentary in Progress

The student loan scam has grown wider and deeper placing over 44 million Americans (plus their family and friends) under unprecedented financial hardship and chronic economic stress.  Make no mistake, this is not a case of the "Bad Borrower." This is a case of the "Bad Lender".  

Meet filmmaker Mike Camoin and Student Loan founder Alan Collinge: 

Ready to reveal the truth about student loan fraud and how to fight back - audiences will learn more about what they can do and when to take action.

Get informed, Speak Up, make a contribution and join this massive movement to restore fair lending practices.  

Welcome to the official website for the documentary film SCARED TO DEBT: America's Student Loan Scam.  Glad you found us. This site is for all burdened by debt and those who know someone wrongly effected.  

Despite blowing the whistle on Sallie Mae and the federal student loan scam in 2006, Author turned activist, Alan Collinge of 60 Minutes, CNN and Fortune Magazine fame, is about to release his latest jaw dropping findings behind record breaking defaults and predatory practices that could trigger the next financial bubble to burst!



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