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Why do we and many others call this problem a SCAM?

The federal student loan system has become predatory due to the Congressional removal of standard consumer protections and congressionally sanctioned collection powers that are stronger than those for all other loan instruments in our nation's history.   The resulting lending system is causing great harm to citizens who borrow for college, but also causes harm to all students due to the unchecked inflation that is enabled by this problem.   Other systemic problems have also arisen within the lending system as a result of the financial motivations of the various system elements being aligned against, instead of with the students. These include a high default rate, poor quality of education, poor loan administration, systemwide corruption, inexcusably bad oversight, governmental secrecy, and others.


Where can I get help? 

Many think their life is over.  It's not.  There are many websites that claim to offer help, yet these are just fronts created by lenders and their lobbyists.  Loan forgiveness programs have their own problems and the Department of Education continues to increase lending limits which causes many more to fall into default.  Research your resources.  Check their board of directors.  Visit StudentLoanJustice.Org.  Share your story.  The key is breaking the silence. 


What can I do to help?

Share your story.  Start a Meet-up Group in your area. 

Join FB groups like and Scared2Debt

Donate to the documentary SCARED TO DEBT: America's Student Loan Scam which gives voice to over 44 million Americans burdened by debt.